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Colorado Civil Protection Order 13-14-104.4 and 13-14-106 C.R.S. Statewide representation. 
Tough and Aggressive Criminal Defense Lawyer Serving Colorado. Centrally located in Englewood on the Denver / Arapahoe border.
    Arapahoe, Denver Criminal Lawyer.
7 days a week.  Attorney Tray Stephany.  303.981.0594.

Arapahoe_Denver Criminal Defense Lawyer defending clients statewide from Weld to Las Animas.

Law Office of Tray Stephany 303.981.0594.  Free Consultation by phone or in office.    

se quisque scelus defensionem.  Latin: criminal defense for every case.

Aggressive and dedicated criminal defense is the hallmark for every case.  Do not hesitate to call regarding your Colorado Criminal charges.   



 Hola, como estas Usted? Entiendo y hablo espanol un poquito.  Espanol interprete.  Su nombre, su numero, y llamo a manana.  Abogado penalista en Denver.  Gracias.  

If facing a Colorado Felony, Misdemeanor, Drunk Driving (DUI), Municipal Code Violation, Restraining Order, DMV Hearing, Probation ViolationJuvenile Crime, or any Traffic Offense defend yourself.     As a Colorado Criminal Defense Attorney Tray fights for every Client.  Unfortunately, when charged with a crime the prosecutor is skeptical of your side of the story. Fight and get your side heard with professional legal services through attorney Tray Stephany.   

Gambling and arrested for Colorado DUI, DWAI or other crime in Black Hawk?  Now accepting all criminal cases in Gilpin and Clear Creek County (traffic, felony, or misdemeanor).

  Affordable flat rates for tough Colorado DUI / DWAI defense.


Top Ten reasons the Law Office of Tray Stephany stands apart from others:

1.  Arapahoe / Denver Criminal Defense Attorney provides tough, aggressive, and pragmatic criminal defense          for every case.  Statewide representation.

2.  Experienced with Colorado Felony, Misdemeanor, DUI, Probation Revocation, Restraining Orders,                       Contempt Citations, Department of Motor Vehicles, and Traffic Ticket issues.
3.  Retainer ranges from: 375 for Traffic Tickets that are civil violations. 
                                from: 1000 for Colorado Misdemeanors (M2 and M3) 
                                from: 1800 for Colorado M1 Misdemeanors 
                                from: 2500 - 5000 for Colorado Felony (F4, F5, F6)
                                from: 5000 plus for Colorado Felony (F3)

4.  Accepting: Credit Cards, Cash, PayPal, Personal Checks, Cashier Checks & Money Orders.

5.  Spanish Interpreter Available (must call in advance). Abogado penalista en Denver. 

6.  Denver Criminal Defense Lawyer responds to emails and phone messages within 24 hours.

7.  Accepting Criminal cases in Denver, Douglas, Boulder, Longmont, El Paso, Arapahoe,  
     Jefferson, Adams, Clear Creek, Weld, and Las Animas County. 

8.  Accepting Criminal Defense cases in every District, Municipal, County, City, or Traffic Court.

9.  Affordable Colorado Lawyer Flat Rates available.

10. Available 7 days a week 8 am to 6 pm.  Legal services when you need them.  

Evidence preservation in your case is very important.  Denver criminal defense lawyer Tray Stephany preserves evidence to preserve your rights.  Colorado uses the District Attorney to represent the State's interests, call today to see about representing your interests.   

If facing Criminal charges in Colorado hiring a tough Colorado criminal defense attorney is imperative. Speak with the Denver Criminal Defense Lawyer you can trust.  Do not speak to the police, instead make an appointment at the Law Office of Tray Stephany for a Consultation.  303.981.0594.  

Read legal commentary on Colorado Criminal Law Attorney issues, cases, and interesting stories on Tray Stephany, Esq.'s CRIMINAL BLOG.  Weekly blog posts.   

Building a law practice the old fashioned way: quality work and solid representation.
Established 2009.



denverlawyernow.com ™ is filled with legal information and information on legal services.  However, the information on the site is only a cursory view of topics. The site is not legal advice as per the Colorado Rules of Professional Responsibility legal advice can only be given by an attorney under contract.  If you are seeking complete legal answers or criminal defense contact Colorado Criminal Defense Lawyer Tray Stephany for a consultation.   
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