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Tray Stephany has opened a second office to serve southern Colorado.  Alamosa criminal lawyer website

Recognized as a Top 100 Colorado Criminal Trial Lawyer by the National Trial Lawyers for 2014-2017.  Free Consultation. 303.981.0594. 

No flashing lights on the website making you believe you are watching Avatar.  No waterfalls in the lobby.  Who do you think pays for those artificial things?  Real criminal defense and no pressure to sign.  

Accepting felony, misdemeanor, traffic, and criminal municipal charges. Criminal attorney Tray Stephany 
provides solid legal representation for people from all walks of life.  Do not be the victim of a crime conviction.

Real client reviews.  No fake or paid reviews for this office.

Hola, como estas Usted?  Entiendo y hablo espanol un poquito. Espanol interprete.  Su nombre, su numero, y llamo a manana. Abagado penalista en Denver.  No habla con policia. Gracias.

Criminal attorney Tray Stephany provides aggressive criminal defense statewide.  Speak with the Denver criminal lawyer the people trust not the police.   

Colorado Civil Protection Order Lawyer 13-14-104.4 and 13-14-106 C.R.S. Statewide representation.  

Denver Criminal Attorney. Centrally located in Englewood on the Denver | Arapahoe border.  Felony, Misdemeanor, or DUI.  Proven results.  Reasonable rates.

    Arapahoe | Denver Criminal Lawyer.  Law Offices of Tray Stephany.       3780 S. Broadway, Ste. 111;  Englewood, CO 80113.  24/7 303.981.0594  
Downtown Alamosa criminal law office now open.   

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The Law Offices of Tray Stephany proudly defends those accused of a criminal or traffic offense.  Tray aggressively fights for each and every client.  Some crimes are substantially more serious than others but we understand that whatever charge you face is serious to you.  When things are serious to you they are serious to this office.  This office provides statewide representation to serve the people of Colorado and those who were arrested while visiting.   

If you are under investigation for a crime call to see about hiring Tray to defend yourself.  Call Tray if the police are investigating you (or a family member) for a crime.  Police are aggressive and tend to lock in on someone without investigating all the facts.  Law enforcement  maybe stopping by your home or work to interview you.  Police may be trying to search for evidence without a warrant. They may be calling you at inconvenient times disrupting your life.  Police often fail to  fully investigate the crime scene or find the true perpetrator.  Don't be a victim of police intimidation.  Instead call this office to see about aggressive legal representation. 

When charged with a crime in Colorado building a solid defense from day one is key.  This law office is proactive criminal defense.  We seek to preserve evidence and contact potential witnesses from the start. This is an important step.  Defendants often receive police reports and see their side of the case didn't make it in the report.  Often the defendant says there were other witnesses to defend the client's position but somehow the police did not put defendant friendly witnesses in the report.  A private investigator is often recommended to track down witnesses from day one. 

Once the system arrests and charges a defendant the situation becomes very serious.  The prosecution moves forward.  Scheduling deadlines for filing of motions (and other important defense options).  The prosecution's office has substantial amount of money, resources, and time to attack a defendant.  Securing an attorney from the beginning is highly recommended.  

The Law Offices of Tray Stephany is dedicated to proactive and competent criminal defense.  When considering your options for legal defense call Tray before signing a contract with another attorney or firm.

Do not talk to the police detectives or the prosecutor by yourself.  People often speak with police in hopes "this will all just go away."  Unfortunately criminal cases do not just "go away." Speaking to police often leads to incriminating statements.  Police are trained to utilize the skills they learned in the police academy to get information from people.  Police are trained in tactics because their tactics often get results.  Innocent people without legal defense are convicted every day. 

Speaking to the prosecutor  without legal representation is precarious behavior.  The prosecutor will likely tell the defendant the plea deal is to simply plead guilty.    

Mr. Stephany has defended persons accused of serious felony and/or misdemeanor charges.  One hallmark of this office is client communication.  Mr. Stephany understands the defendant is not just another person but a son, daughter, sister, or brother.  The defendant is a person facing an battle that may change the person's life forever.  This is a serious task. And a task Tray takes seriously. 

Schedule a consult with the Law Office of Tray Stephany.  Phone: 303.981.0594.  Flexible appointments for America's hard working people.  

Building a law practice the old fashioned way: quality work and solid reputation.  Est. 2009.  Celebrating over eight years defending good people against the loss of liberty, respect, money, and their future.  

Alamosa criminal law office opened as a satellite office in February 2016. 


denverlawyernow.com ™ is filled with legal information and information on legal services.  However, the information on the site is only a cursory view of topics. The site is not legal advice as per the Colorado Rules of Professional Responsibility legal advice can only be given by an attorney under contract.  If you are seeking complete legal advice or solid criminal defense contact Colorado Criminal Defense Lawyer Tray Stephany for a consultation.   

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